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For you lovely people curious about Prodigy ;)…

New account: :icon1001stars:
Hehe here is my new account :) Posting something soon!

Hello guys :) This will be a looonnng (a little emotional) journal, so for the lazy bums out there i'll do a TL;DR for you guys (just scroll down a bit :3)!

Ok, so where to start...
First, i'd like to sincerely apologize to every one of you. I was extremely unpresent in the last year and literally ditched dA for my personal reasons.
I owe some AT and prizes and gift (don't worry I remember!) and I also need to answer messages and all; I feel terrible for neglecting them.
I feel that everytime I want to log back, theres suddenly this big event that stops my brain from wanting to draw and makes me forget how really important it is to me and how you guys are too.

In short, here are the events (I think they are in order):
- Art block
- Boyfriend
- Grand father's death
- University choice/school
- Family problems
- Break up
- After break up problems

I know you guys are probably like "SHE'S LYING, SHE'S GONNA DITCH AGAIN'', but right now I can honestly say that I am ready to restart dA with a new account (will make a separate post!) and to prove to you guys that I am determined, I will do a "draw-and-post-everyday" challenge starting today. I have a few sketches to show you guys actually :)

I reread comments you guys left me in my previous déviations and everything sorta hit me like dafaq why did I stop posting? Why did I stop talking to you guys who are so supportive? I love you guys very very much and even though I went away you guys still left a lot of messages and omg like I'm stupid lol xD.

SO- In a less depressive side,

:bulletred: Will PRODIGY continue?
YES. I am currently "remastering" the plot, adding more link, more details, characters in the story. I really really found the concept unique and I will be keeping it very preciously. I am still not sure if I should make a game OR draw a manga about it we'll see!

:bulletred: Will "Our wish" (Matsuri x Naoshi) continue?
YES. I will be very honest with you guys; I was thinking of ditching that story, but, like I said, I reread your comments and I decided to continue it (I JUST NEED TO REMEMBER HOW TO DRAW YAOI SOBBB----) They will still be posted on :iconmatsu-nao:!

:bulletred: Your other OCs?
I personally think that some of them will be "discarded" as in I won't be planning anything for them in the close future, but yeah maybe a few sketches from time to time :)

:bulletred: Points commisions?
I will be opening them when I'll be done with all that I owe (AT, gifts, prizes, etc.)

(Feel free to ask me questions if it pops out of your mind :D!)


- I apologize for my non-presence on dA;
- I will be have a new account (will make a post when it's made! I'm at work now hehe);
- I will do a challenge where I will draw and post everyday;
- I will be working on what I owe;
- Rereading you guy's comments made me come back with energy!
- PRODIGY will continue as well as Our wish
- Some of my OCs will rarely come back
- Points commish will be open when I'll be done with what I owe!


I am exited to see how you guys' been doing!
May every one of you have a wonderful day :heart:
For you lovely people curious about Prodigy ;)…

New account: :icon1001stars:

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